Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my listing stay online?

A: Your ad will stay online for one full year. Should there be any changes please do so by going to your changes page. You will be notified for renewal of another year if your property has not sold. We do appreciate your letting us know if your property has sold so we can remove it.

Q: Can I add extra photos to my listing?

A: Yes. The more images the better. A good rule of thumb is to have one image per major room on the property. The exception to that is if all your guest rooms look identical as is the case with many boutique hotels. This should help in the sale of your Bed and Breakfast Inn property. Potential buyers like to see as much of your property as they can.

Q: How do I sign up my bed and breakfast for sale with

A: Click here to sign up or call us toll-free at 1-888-707-4626

Q: Does my property have to be a current bed and breakfast?

A: No. We allow "potential" inns and B&B's as well. We even allow empty property that can be zoned as a bed and breakfast. Ensure that you speak with your local property office to guarantee that your property can be zoned as an inn based on the laws in your area.

Q: Do you work with Agents/Brokers?

A: Absolutely. We offer discounts to brokers and realtors on multiple listings. To find out more about listing multiple inns and receiving this discount, please call us at 1-888-707-4626.

Q: Do you have "bulk" listing rates?

A: Yes. Call us at 1-888-707-4626 or e-mail us for more details. This offer is not just for realtors. If you are an innkeeper looking to list multiple property's, you also qualify for this discounted rate.

Q: My real estate office wants to advertise on your website. What can you do for us?

A: Let us know what you need. We work with all major agents. We are open to a wide variety of cross-marketing, PPC marketing and anything in between.

Q: Do you charge a commission?

A: No. The only money you pay us is for the cost of listing your inn on our website. All sales are directly between the seller and the buyer. We do not play middle man and are not brokers.

Q: May I post FSBO (For Sale By Owner)?

A: Yes. Many owners prefer to list with a directory listing because if they do sell they save themselves commission. We have seen a lot of success and happy repeat innkeepers make a lot more money this way. If it doesn't work for you right away, than by all means get a realtor. We have seen an equal amount of success when a realtor is involved.

Q: What is the turn around for a listing?

A: Typically once your payment has cleared, your listing will be up within 24 - 48 hours.

Q: How long have you been around?

A: has been online since 1997 actively helping sellers and buyers get together.

Q: Can you add Virtual Tours. Facebook, and YouTube Links to my listing?

A: Yes. We can add links to any third party source at an additional small fee.

Q: How do I pay for a listing?

A: We take all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) via PayPal which you will be prompted for once you register with our website this has a quick turn around time. We also accept personal checks and money orders which have a longer turn around time.

Q: What can I do to help the inn sell?

A: For more information, visit our blog on Bed and Breakfast Network and review the article titled "Selling A Bed And Breakfast". We cannot stress enough how much a "professional photographs" can make a difference. (a student photographer from your local high school, jr college or college student" will usually have the right cameras to capture the best of your property at a lower cost. Post up as much information as you possibly can on your listing. Think about what you would like to know from the perspective buyers point of view. If you were going to buy an inn, what would you be looking for? Once you answer that question, that's what you want to include in your property description.